About the Author

Bruce Dunning

Bruce Dunning has been the Executive Director of Medeba Adventure Learning Centre for over three decades. Medeba is located in West Guilford, Ontario, Canada and specializes in Christian adventure learning. Its mission is to use adventure and community to challenge young people to continually say “yes” to God.

Bruce has been involved in Christian camping every year of his life. He also has extensive experience within the world-wide Christian camping movement twice serving as President of Christian Camping International (CCI) Canada and is currently on the CCI-Worldwide board of directors.

Bruce’s background in Christian camping provided him with a rich heritage of outdoor adventure activities and experiences. He continues to pursue an active lifestyle where adventure is an important part of his life.

His deep desire to know God more led him to attend Emmaus Bible College in Chicago, Illinois and Tyndale College and Seminary in Toronto, Ontario. Combining his love for the Bible and his experience in outdoor adventure pursuits he has developed a passion for using adventure as a tool to help people learn about God, others and themselves.

He is married to his wife Glenda and has three grown children.

You can reach Bruce at bruce@medeba.com